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Hands, head and
Working with the hands, thinking with the head and following the heart.
That's what works for us. :)
Oh, and with some coffee of course..

We make dolls, cuddles, clothing and products for the bedroom like blankets and sheets. All products in shop are made with care and we choose a good quality of materials. Every piece is unique and handmade.
In the shop you'll find also sewing, knitting and crochet patterns.
Visit our Shop page for our products.

Knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, weaving.
It's always nice to experiment and discover new techniques.

Absolute favorite is denim from (wasted) jeans. We also work with fabrics and yarns like cotton and wool.

We love upcycling
Some of our product were made with wasted materials like jeans, sheets and blankets. We don't believe that everything is carbage, some materials are very usefull for new products. From wasted jeans we make cuddles and second hand blankets are great for bags.

Sharing is caring
It's nice to share your knowledge with others.
So Mister & Misses Jones share free downloads like tutorials, patterns, tips and tricks. Visit our Tutorials page for more.

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